Arena Central

Arena Birmingham Central

Arena Central
Client requirements

Specialist sealing off joint post construction using expanding foam backing and specialist mastic.

Skills used

Application of primer, backing and mastic sealing.

Project Details
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Method: Abseiling only
  • Start Time: 08:00
  • Finish Time: 16:00
  • Rigging: Entire structure

Case Study: Prestigious Multi-Story Apartment Blocks, Arena Central, Birmingham

Location: Arena Central, Birmingham

Project Overview: Situated in the heart of Birmingham, the Arena Central project involved the construction of two highly prestigious multi-story apartment blocks. These striking structures were set to redefine the city's skyline and serve as a symbol of modern urban living. Our involvement in this 30-week project focused on providing critical mastic works to ensure the building's weather protection as it grew, floor by floor.

The Challenge: The primary challenge we faced was the need to work in tandem with the continuous construction process. Our abseiling team was deployed on a progressive build sequence, which meant working around the ongoing construction, piece by piece. It was imperative to maintain weather protection during construction, and this required meticulous attention to detail in sealing joints between panels.

Our Approach: To address the challenges presented by this prestigious project, our team implemented a well-coordinated strategy:

  1. Progressive Abseiling: Our experienced rope technicians worked tirelessly, ensuring weather protection at every level as the building soared upwards. We synchronised our efforts with the construction process, leaving no room for time wastage.
  2. Precise Sealing: For each panel attached to the steel frame, we inserted insulation foam backing rods into the gaps between panels. Accurate measurements and the right size of the rod were crucial. These joints were then sealed externally with mastic, creating a robust barrier against the elements.
  3. Collaborative Effort: Working in a bustling construction site environment, our team seamlessly coordinated with various other contractors. Collaboration was key, as each trade type depended on one another to complete their respective phases and tasks.

Result: The Arena Central project posed unique challenges, but it was also immensely rewarding. As an integral part of this new build construction, we worked diligently from the ground up, contributing to the creation of a magnificent building that would redefine Birmingham's skyline. The project's success was a testament to our ability to adapt, collaborate, and deliver exceptional work while overcoming logistical challenges.

This case study exemplifies our commitment to excellence in abseiling and mastic works, even in complex and dynamic construction environments. As we relax and admire the view of this beautiful building, we take pride in our role in bringing it to life as a symbol of modern urban living in Birmingham.