Crystal Palace FC

An amazing project completed by us.

Crystal Palace Football Club - CPFC
Client requirements

Banner hoist LIVE on national TV.

Project tasks

Rigging, hoisting, live production event.

Project Details
  • Duration: 2 months preparation
  • Setup and Trial: 8 hours
  • Live Event: 6 minutes
  • Method: Rope access
  • Start Time: 08:00
  • Finish Time: 22:00

Case Study: Contract Abseiling Ltd's Remarkable Banner Hoisting for Crystal Palace Football Club

A High-Stakes Feat of Precision and Performance


In the world of Contract Abseiling, there are projects, and then there are projects that truly test the limits of skill, precision, and nerves of steel. Such was the case when Contract Abseiling Ltd was contracted directly by Crystal Palace Football Club to execute a daring and intricate task: hoisting a colossal mesh banner, measuring 30 meters wide by 20 meters high, just moments before kick-off. This banner bore a message of great significance to the CPFC fans and was the centrepiece of a wild marketing campaign. The challenges were immense, and the stakes were sky-high. This case study delves into the incredible feat accomplished by Contract Abseiling Ltd and the accolades received from the club's management.

The Challenge

The project presented numerous formidable challenges:

  1. Technical Complexity: Hoisting a banner of this size and intricacy required meticulous planning and execution. The team had to ensure that the message on the banner was clearly visible to all spectators.
  2. Tight Timeline: With just 12 hours for set-up and practice runs, time was of the essence. There was no room for error, and every second counted.
  3. Precision Coordination: Twenty rope lines had to be pulled simultaneously through pulleys, all in perfect unison. Any misalignment could jeopardise the entire operation
  4. Live Event Pressure: The real test came during the live event, with national TV coverage and a packed stadium. The eyes of the world were on Contract Abseiling Ltd to deliver flawlessly.
  5. Stringent Safety Measures: Ensuring the safety of the abseilers and the spectators in the stadium was paramount. The health and safety protocols had to be adhered to without compromise.

The Execution

Despite the formidable challenges, Contract Abseiling Ltd executed the project flawlessly:

  • A team of skilled abseilers meticulously prepared and carried out the banner hoisting operation.
  • The 20 rope lines were expertly coordinated through pulleys, ensuring a smooth and synchronised lift.
  • With unwavering focus and precision, the banner ascended majestically, capturing the attention of fans, viewers on national TV, and the entire stadium.

The Result

The successful banner-hoisting operation was met with resounding praise:

  • Crystal Palace Football Club's management congratulated Contract Abseiling Ltd's team for the impeccable execution of their wild marketing campaign.
  • The banner served as a focal point for the club's fans, generating excitement and engagement both in the stadium and in the wider media.



Contract Abseiling Ltd's remarkable feat in hoisting a delicate and intricate banner for Crystal Palace Football Club stands as a testament to their expertise and dedication. This high-stakes project showcased their ability to execute with precision and professionalism under the most challenging circumstances. The successful partnership between Contract Abseiling Ltd and CPFC exemplifies the heights that can be achieved through collaboration, skill, and unwavering commitment to excellence in contract abseiling.

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